Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hey there,
Sorry I did not Blog about my dads birthday. Well Noah gave him an awesome globe, and I gave him a Johnny Cash CD. We did not have a party, but we hung out as a family.

Well as I told you I am working, but I did not tell you the details. I have been Babysitting for my neighbor every Tuesday. This Thursday I am going shopping with her, but only to watch her youngest who is to young to go in the day care. This coming Tuesday she is having a play group at her house, so maybe I will have more people to work for. I am saving up for a piano, so I think I have a ways more to go.

I will Blog again soon

Eden Rose Farmer

Saturday, July 4, 2009

the blog is open for buisness (again)

Hey there,
Well this is four wild geese blog spot right? So I, (Eden) think i am going to start blogging now and then.
Well my dad hasn't Blog in forever so let me tell you what is going on. Well tomorrow is my dads Birthday. I will blog about his party tomorrow. My Nana recently visited us from America, and I got my first job babysitting on Tuesday of this week. Also one of my friends, Dani is having her Birthday party today. I think I will be partied out for a while, but only for a little while.

Well on another note the weather is wonderful. My mom has been going to the beach and swimming every day. Oh ya, I forgot to tell you guys, I got out of school on June 16th. Well I have to go get ready for the party. Will Blog about my dad's Birthday tomorrow.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Thought

"We have very few inferior people in the world. We have lots of inferior environments. Try to enrich your environment."

-Frank Lloyd Wright

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pictures of the 24/7 House of Prayer

The Burning Bush

Haley after an all nighter in the Prayer House

Peter in the 24/7 prayer room

Sunday night closing worship

Jered in the 24/7 prayer room

Carey worshiping

Maureen resting after a long shift in the house

The "Who is God?" room

Kiwi, Maria Joao, and Joanna

Marty and Zaca leading worship for Christian Surfers

Maureen, Emily, Alana, and Jered Friday night opening worship

Be Blessed and Pray like your life depended on it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why Do Things Go Wrong?

You know I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong sometime. This evening I wrote the most beautiful and graphic blog (you'll have to take my word on this one because I don't want to write it all over again) It was about the kids going down to the beach and catching octopus with the Graf children and us cooking it up and eating it. Well then when I post it on my blogsite, it's not there. I mean the picture are there but the words are gone except the last few. I hate that!
Between Facebook, e-mail, blogs, text messages, linked-in, web sites, and news letters, it feels like I'm spending as much time talking about what were doing as doing it and when I spend all that time putting our life out there and then it doesn't work...AHHHHHH!, is all I can say. So just look at the octopus pictures from the post before, and pretend the words are there. Oh and still, Be Blessed.
(Here's a one more Octopus pic. Isn't my girl brave)

Fresh from the Oceans of Portugal to Our Dinner Plate

This morning the Graf kids and my children went down to the beach for awhile to get out of the house before it started raining. (The Graf's have been living with us for the last week while they look for a house to live in when they move here.) So the kids headed out and about an hour later the door buzzer rings, Sydney cosme running in to grab a bucket for the octopus and star fish that they've caught. You might remember that Noah caught an octopus by hand last year at one of the sea pools. And then again two weeks ago he caught another one. This would be his third. I hadn't let him keep them up to this point, but some of the Portuguese men suggested we cook it the next time we catch one. So when they came dragging back in with a bucket full of starfish and octopus I figured why not, let's cook it up tonight.So that's what we did. We slapped it onto the cutting board and we all went "Ewwww" as Laina cut that little sucker up (it was much smaller than the last one Noah caught), then we threw it into some garlic butter and cooked it for an appetizer. Fresh Octopus, swimming in the ocean at 12:00 on your plate at 20:00. Not everyone was sold on the idea of eating it, but in the spirit of adventure everyone, except the boys, gave it a shot.And you know what? It was GOOOOOD! I mean really good. Sure it was slightly chewy, but not gross. Very much like fried squid in the texture. We had a great time eatting the bounty of the ocean that the Lord provided through our kids. And had some fun taking picture of our wild tribe. If your coming this way let me know and I'll send down the kids to catch you a fresh one and we'll throw it on the B-B-Q.Be Blessed and Eat Fresh (That's real see food)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

BLOG #100...The Perfect Storm

Post # 100
Wow has life been fast, full and furious lately. This last weekend, Friday through Sunday, we held an all day, all night 24/7 house of prayer at the old pink house next door to our's. All I can say is AWESOME! Our community, the Lisboa Matrix, joined up with Christian Surfer's Portugal, and Young Life Portugal to host the event. It was an amazingly powerful weekend. The Spirit of the Living God filled the house to over flowing and the people were packed into the living room area during our three different community worship times. It was really incredable. In between the nights of worship music, there were cool quiet times where people were able to connect on the heart level, flop on the pillows and cushions in the living room and chill. There was also plenty of praying going on in the 24/7 prayer room up stairs. With paints, chalk, crayons, hearts and tears poured out on the walls that were covered with paper. I would post some pictures, but my computer can't handle all the digital information right now. (Every time I try to down load them my machine crashes) Anyhow there were a number of people from all three communites there that felt we need to pursue this house as an actual ministry center. It's very much the heart of the 'Blue House' idea, if you've heard me talk about the 'Blue House', except this one is pink. I was poured out, but filled up by the end of the weekend. So you can pray with us as we move towards how this will develop.
We have also been hosting the Graf family at our house as they search for a house/ministry center here in the Lisbon area. It's been a crazy, wild, fun time having their 6, plus our 4, plus a small cat and a large black lab all living under the same roof. We are benefiting from the wonderful cooking of lovly Laina. And the visiting with them has been wonderful. Yesterday their kids visited the Corner Stone Academy and spent the day going to school there, checking out their new school. They intergrated into the student community great. It felt as if they had been their all along. The Graf kids will make a beautiful additon to CSA.
Also we have been really enjoying the sun again. We can actually dry laundry out on the line again, instead of putting it Noah's room with a dehumidifier to dry it out. We took the Graf boys to the beach the other day and Noah and Kelton spent the afternoon jumping off the pier into the ocean. Oh thank you Jesus for friends for Noah. He is having a great time.
Next week we've got a million Christian Associates International staff flying into the Lisbon area for the annual leadership summit and on the 3rd of March Dave Hall our missions pastor from EFCC in California will be coming into town and staying for a few days. And then...who knows. If there is anything else going on that I should be telling you about, right now I just can't remember it. Stay tuned to this Bat channel for more Bat information, and Be Blessed 24/7